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Making and Keeping a Fortune in International Real Estate


Amongst all the uncertainty and confusion, where in the world should you put your investment money?

What opportunities exist that have the potential to pay off for you big time? It only makes sense to consider alternatives in parts of the globe where development is growing. This is especially true when the country in question has seen record increases in international visitors and foreign investment.
Coming into the New Year, wouldn’t it be nice to start incubating a nest egg that will actually hatch? History is a wonderful indicator of what might happen within a given region. For example, if there are comparables that aid in deciphering regional trends, it is natural to expect that these might give an accurate indication of what will happen for other players in the same area. In Central America, for example, there have been some tremendous success stories for real estate investors who have made bundles of cash with their judicious investments in off-the-beaten-path parts of the continent.
Mexico, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica are prime examples of this trend, as is Panama. In these nations, resort property investments made 10-15 years ago have been stellar investments. Even in recent times, the hot property market has continued as more developers and foreign capital flood into these countries.
It has been so lucrative, in fact, that prices are now comparable to the prices of real estate in the United States. The days of capturing blue chip bargains have passed by. Luckily, there are other countries that are still in the early days of property development – the days when there is STILL great money to be made and bargains to be had. Wouldn’t it be nice to be ON the ship before it sailed?
Imagine purchasing your Pacific Ocean dream vacation or retirement home for 50% LESS than you would have to pay in another nearby country…
You could do just that. But your window of opportunity is starting to close. Deals like these happen when special conditions exist. Conditions such as:
1.    The development is still in the early stages.
2.    The country is an emerging nation whose rapid growth has just begun.
3.    The development occupies prime oceanfront and pristine beaches.
4.    EVERYONE and their neighbor is not yet aware of the untapped potential.
In Mexico, comparable properties in a luxury resort boasting a brand name golf course cost 4-5 times as much as they can be bought for TODAY. In Costa Rica, merely a short distance away, a similar property could only be purchased at a price significant multiples higher. Again, this will only be possible during this window when these special conditions continue to be in place. And these conditions are beginning to change now.
There are clear indicators that illustrate what happens when a country ‘catches on’ in the resort development market. Neighbors with comparable environments and markets attest to the rapid appreciation that occurs. For the last ten years tourism and investment capital has been growing steadily. These people come back with glowing reports and return again with their friends and families. You know what happens to property next…

Would You Believe!

Nicaragua is rated the safest country in Central America, and the second safest country in ALL of the Americas, right after Canada. The crime rate per 1000,000 people is HALF what it is in the United States.
Nicaragua’s economy is growing steadily, fueled by substantial foreign investment and increasing exports. The rise in tourism also is important, with arrivals increasing annually in recent years.
The country’s stability and economic momentum is fueling a real estate boom that appears on the verge of rivaling the meteoric rises in value seen in Costa Rica a decade ago.

Experience the New Nicaragua!

Nicaragua WILL continue to grow; it’s as simple as that. The avalanche of development will continue to sweep over the country. There is so much potential, it can be frightening at times. The hardest part about it is figuring out how best to take advantage of the situation, to capitalize on the knowledge you have obtained.

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